About me..

Leanne Wood - Cake Decorator

My passion for baking began as a child helping my mum bake gingerbread. The excitement I felt the day mum said "we can make gingerbread men today" was the best feeling, and I would ask all morning, "can we start yet" until it was time.  I would pull up the kitchen stool to the bench and climb up to watch and taste at every opportunity.  Cutting the shapes was the best bit and while mum wasn't much of a decorator, a few sprinkles and chocolate chips would send them to a level off my radar for perfection.  So as the years went by and I no longer needed the stool, I would bake myself and search for new and exciting recipes. 

In my 20's I took cake decorating lessons.  I wanted to make my own wedding cake.  Did that and went on to enrol in all the courses available at the Australian Academy of Cake Decorating under the guidence of some of the best cake decorators in Australia, later becoming a member of the Cake Decorators Association of Victoria.

 Following that I began a home based cake decorating business and soon developed a reputation amongst family and friends as the go to lady for cake!

I was blessed with three beautiful children who became my inspiration to create amazing cakes.

I entered several competitions and was successful in some of them achieving a first prize at our annual seminar in 2014 and also in the Stiches and Craft Show.  Later that year I decided the desire to bake and learn more was overwhelming and began my journey in the world of pastry starting my Certificate III in Patisserie.  During that time I worked for some amazing pastry chefs and achieved the qualifications I needed to become a professional Pastry Chef and Cake Decorator.  This is the next chapter in my story and I look forward to seeing how it unfolds....