10 tips to ordering the perfect cake….


1. Consider your budget - Cake cost is determined by size and how intricate the design is.  Decorations including sugar flowers, indicate piping, figure modelling and cake carving are labour intensive and will reflect in the cost of your cake. We can help you design the best cake to suit your budget and event. 


2. Flavour options - There are many cake flavours and filling combinations available, think about who your are catering for, the time of year and finish of your cake when deciding on flavours.  Some fillings require refrigeration and cannot be paired with fondant/sugarpaste icing.  We can help you choose a suitable flavour combination to suit your taste and style of cake. 


3. Time of year - Certain fillings and decorations do not hold up well in our hot summer climate.  Chocolate decorations and buttercream are a risky choice during the summer months and while all care is taken to ensure your cake is delivered in perfect condition, we can't guarantee you will not have a muddy puddle!  


4. Number of guests - Naturally, this will determine the size of cake needed and also effect the cost, so have this information available during your consultation.  


5. Portion size - Is your cake going to be served as dessert or with coffee??  Standard dessert size portions measure approx 1" x 2" x 3"  and coffee portions measure 1" x 1" x 3" 

These are approximate measurements and will depend on how the cake is cut when it is served. 


6. Theme - We can design your cake to match your colour scheme, invitations, fabrics etc. You may choose to select elements from your event such as flowers, bling or location to be reflected in your cake design, the possibilities are endless.  Think about the overall feel of your celebration and how you want this to be translated into your cake design. 


7. When to place your order - The more notice the better to avoid disappointment. For wedding cakes we require a maximum of 12 months notice with a minimum of 3 months and other celebration cakes require a minimum of 2 weeks notice.  This is preferable but please call to check if your date is available at any time. 


8. Delivery or Pick Up? - Pick up is available for most cakes.  Some cakes require assembly on location so they will have to be delivered.  Delivery is distance based and will be calculated in your quote. 


9. Allergies - Please advise of any allergies or dietary requirements prior to ordering your cake.  We will do our best to cater to your needs but we need to know they exist!  All children's cakes do not contain nuts, but may have traces of nuts.  It is important to check with your guests for any special requirements before you decide on your cake flavour. 


10. Read your quote - Ensure you read and understand all the details contained in your quote.  Ask as many questions as you like and while changes can usually always be made, once you pay your deposit you have accepted the design and price of your cake.